Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Silly Counting (sort of)

Kaden is just as excited about the new video camera as we are and he likes to watch himself in the playback. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite grasp that he has to stay in front of the camera to be able to watch himself later! Lol

So here is a bit of silliness and some out of order counting (he can REALLY count up to 5 and recognizes 1-10 written down, but the camera is too exciting to focus on performing). Enjoy, family! :)


  1. MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE.....LOL Get it?? WE WANT MORE!!! This is so great! He's precious!

  2. Hahahaha how funny! Those eyes hardly lost focus on that camera! The kids I used to watch LOVED looking at themselves on the point-and-shoot screen. Literally, after every picture I'd take of them, they'd RUN over to me and crawl over each other trying to see each picture, then shriek in delight every time at seeing themselves and point their little fingers all over the screen at themselves and their buddies. :-) So much fun.