Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beach time!

We went to the beach this weekend. We went to the Le Meridian Hotel and to their "club" which has a private beach. Kaden loved the sand... didn't so much like the cold water. haha. But he did like standing up while the little waves hit his feet. It was too cute.

Kaden eating sand and sunblock...

Kaden and Mommy at the beach

Daddy at the beach!

That night we went to dinner at the Sheriton Abu Dhabi. They served "International" themed buffet-style food and it was very good.

Stu tried to drop the computer out of the window last night... yeah. haha. He decided not to listen to oh-so-wise Sydney when I said, "Be careful, don't drop it." He went to put a CD in and hit the bottom and there is starts to go, toppling over the edge. I watched as my ability to connect with the outside world was dropping out of sight, but he reacted quickly and caught it before gravity knew what was coming. In the process he popped off the"c" and "v" buttons and gave himself a mighty cut, but he put the icing on the moment when he said, "I hate it when you are right." Serenity right there... lol. So, I reattached c and v while he reattached his finger, and all is right with the world.

What else... Kaden got a new bed.

He loves it when it is just a "playpen", hates it as bed. He got used to sleeping in his carseat during the many trips we took recently, and refuses to sleep anywhere but there. Fabulous.

What else has been going on? Kaden is still getting more and more mobile! He bonked his head AGAIN today falling. He can't just slow down. I wish we had carpet like in America. Stupid tile floors. Poor baby head.

Mommy's little man!

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