Monday, March 24, 2008

Does anyone actually read this?

It occurs to me that I may just be writing to myself... Does anyone else actually read my posts? Just wondering...

Here are some pictures of Kaden standing up with the help of the coffee table. Yesterday he turned and let go and stood for about 6 seconds on his own before falling to his hands and knees! My big boy! :-)

Happy, Happy!

Ok, I told family several days ago that I would post pictures of our apartment, well here they are finally! :) We are having trouble getting our rechargeable batteries to hold a charge... we bought a converter for our American appliances we brought, but it seems to be touch-and-go as far as how well they will work.

A plus on the side of "beauty"... since there are far fewer regulations here, I got a straightener that could literally set your hair on fire, it works like a champ! :)

Master bedroom, cool duvet, huh? lol

Kaden's bedroom, view one.

Kaden's bedroom, view two.

Most people don't have one of THESE in America, now do they? :)

Another view of the bathroom.... see UNDER the sink? That is our washer/dryer combo... That drains and floods the bathroom... needless to say, these people have very different priorties than I am used to back home. So... I use the washers on the roof. Yep, the roof.

Living room.

The tiniest kitchen known to man... Seriously

This is my stove that I have to light... yeah, like, with a lighter. You turn on the gas, and light it. Mmhmm. And then you get "big flame" or "little flame", that's it. Sigh. The oven also needs to be lit, then you get 5 million degree broiler, or tiny flame, you pick.

I am reminded every day what a different culture we have been submersed in... I walk into our bedrooms and think what a waste of space... they are huge. Then I try to make dinner. haha. We had to turn the fridge sideways because it wouldn't open all the way and hit the stove, lol. Sigh. When in Rome...

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  1. Hey Syd,
    Just wanted to let you know that yes some of us do creep on here and read your blogs. I hope everything is going well for you guys over there. Soak up the sun for me, its still freezing and snowing here...BLAH!!! haha.
    Talk to ya soon.