Monday, March 24, 2008

The Roof.

Baby stoked about getting dirty on the roof... Look at his FEET! So gross! lol But he loved it!

We have plants up there at least. :)

Happy, happy roof baby!

Construction workers working on the building next to ours. (Also fun in the wee hours of the morning)

The view from the roof...


  1. Holy Crap! I can't beleve you are there already! You are such a brave woman. I'm completely freaked out just by looking at pictues! I wouldn't want to go out of my "house"! EVER! You are are in my prayers!

    Your little guy isn't so little anymore:( It's so cute when they become mobile though. Lots of bumbs and bruises that is for sure!!

    Well I'll check back in tomorrow


  2. Syd--

    So I finally got around to reading all your posts - I know, took long enough, but Ellie is such a pain in the ass these days.. But anyway. I read ALL of them, and I can't say that I envy you. I mean, I'm so excited that you have a new opportunity, but I give you mucho props for doing it with Kaden. I can't imagine what it's like to move out of the country with a baby.. Makes you a MUCH better and more patient person than I could ever be! =]

    Speaking of the baby, he's getting so big!

    I hope everything works out, and that everyone adjusts okay.