Monday, March 10, 2008

Idaho v. Michigan: Round One

<--- "Morbark" water tower (the largest employer in Winn, Michigan... they make wood chippers. Hehe, seriously...)

<--- This is the church that is across the
road from Stu's parents' house. It was built in 1890.

<--- Kaden playing with Uncle Norman.

<--- Kaden playing cards with Uncle Hayden

<--- Justine, Hayden, Maddison, and me. My siblings.
<--- Bathtime at Grandma's! :)
Well this sure has been a long week! It feels like we left Boise at least a month ago. I am so ready to have a place we can go where we won't have to live out of a suitcase with a baby anymore!

So, I had a whole paragraph written about the differences between Idaho and Michigan. But, why bother? I am not an economist, or a travel agent. No need to pitch what anyone would already know if they had the same visual experiences I had this weekend. Enough said.
As far as the family aspect of the trip went though, it was good. On Saturday morning we flew up to Coeur d'Alene (by way of Spokane) to see my family. It was fun. Relaxed. But it always is for me, so there isn't much to report about it. My siblings are getting so grown up. It kind of makes me sad. I remember changing their diapers (cloth in some cases....ugh) and here they are with boyfriends and girlfriends and underarm hair! haha

We also went with my parents and saw Juno (the one about the 16-year-old little girl who gets pregnant) and it was actually good. Very quotable.

So, Michigan. :) We flew from Spokane to Denver then connected to Detroit. Then we had a three-hour drive back to Mt. Pleasant with an unhappy baby. Poor kid.

We stayed at Stu's Grandma's house, which wouldn't be worth any note, except that she just died two weeks ago. So the first night was somewhat eerie for us both. There would be weird noises and we'd look at each other... lol. But the remaining nights were fine. Though I did have a freaky dream where his grandma was talking to him through me. Now THAT will get you some good sleep! haha
We spend most of the time at his parents' house watching TV and just hanging around. Got lots of Discovery channel in. Never can have too much of that. :) I got to know his parents better and that was nice. The town was definitely different than I'd anticipated. I wouldn't want to live there. But I met some extended family and yesterday Kaden got to play with Stu's cousin Jessica's kids. Soooo cute and sweet! The youngest is just two weeks younger than Kaden and they had a good time playing.
We flew from Detroit yesterday. Stu got a straight flight to Greenville, but Kaden and I had to connect (with a three and a half hour layover) in Charlotte. The airport in Charlotte is nice. Kaden and I got Daddy a little bear sporting a Carolina Panthers sweatshirt. Kaden picked it out.

He was good though and then was great on the flight (all 20 minutes of it) to Greenville. He fell asleep on my lap right before we took off. Good baby.
Last night we went to dinner with Stu's friend Kender. And now here we are in Greenville. :)
We're staying in the Drury Inn and Suites. Nice hotel. We upgraded to a Suite and so we have a living room and kitchenette and a separate bedroom. Pretty cool with the baby.
Unfortunately, putting a little wrench in my day, apparently Kaden is allergic to the detergent we used in Mt. Pleasant. He has a rash exactly where his t-shirt was touching his skin. And now he's irritable and slightly warm. Poor baby. So he's fighting his nap now and isn't very happy to be a baby right now.
So, I'll keep everyone updated on where we are and what is going on. But that's the nutshell version of our past week. Now I have to go bathe a rash-y baby. :(

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