Sunday, March 16, 2008

The ties that bind.

Getting used to living over here is pretty tough. I go outside and the first thing I notice is every other dude is wearing a dress... then I look arbitrarily to the left or right and I can't read street signs or shop names. It's 90 degrees and March. I know I am being just one big complainer, but other than the "job" workers, I haven't seen a single other American since I've been here. And it is so much harder getting used to a new home when everything, literally everything about it, is unfamiliar.

On a more positive note, tonight we went to dinner at a Korean Resturant. It was very cool. Take off your shoes and sit on the floor and everything (see Stu below...and that is Matt across from him). It was very good. I had Dumpling Soup and Stu had this beef stuff that started with a "p". Can't remember now what it was called.

Since I haven't posted since then, the other night at poker I won 500 Dirhams. That was pretty cool for the first time playing with these guys. I got to meet a lot of the guys Stu works with and a couple of their wives.

Well, Kaden is up again, so much for going to sleep. Got to go.


  1. Not that anyone reads this thing this far back anymore, but now that've eaten there ten times, the meal Stu gets is called Pulgogi. It's really, REALLY good. :)

  2. It really is so good and if anyone wants to try it you can make it from home, all you need to do is find recipes online.