Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eurpoean Outlets

I tried to take more pictures today, but the batteries in BOTH cameras are dead and the charger for them we brought with us won't plug in to our new European outlets, and for whatever reason, our converter we got seems to be on hiatus, or otherwise took a crap on us. So that sucks.

BUT, what I was going to show was the purple sweet potatoes they have here. I was making baby food for the (duh) baby, and the potatoes themselves are white inside, like our normal russet potatoes, but the outsides are no-kidding-purple! And they turn an even deeper purple when they get wet. Pretty cool.

Then, there were these two birds sitting on the windowsill in the living room this afternoon. They saw me and apparently are prior acquaintances of glass, because it didn't faze them in the slightest. They were black birds with a yellow beak and feet. Interesting. I've never seen this type of bird before. Just one more "new" item UAE has! :)

In other news, I was just a boring house-wife today... I made baby food, baked cookies (yeah, seriously, heh), did three loads of laundry (you can see how well I'm doing at this whole "stay-at-home-Mom thing... ALL laundry gets done ONE day of the week! haha), dishes, as with every other day, dishwashers apparently haven't made it to this side of the planet yet... a shame. What else? Took care of Sir of course... he's been on a book reading kick. He'll get bored of playing and will grunt and when I look at him he will look at the bookshelf then back at me. I say, "Do you want to read a book?" and he'll just grin. Heh. So we read A LOT today. I am reading one of Obama's books right now (side note: if you haven't read it, read "Dreams From My Father." Trust me. It's worth it.) and I started reading to him. He doesn't care if it has pictures, he just likes to sit on my lap and listen to inflection in my voice. So it works. He thinks I am doing something just for him, while I get reading time in! :)

After forgetting Easter (which is still obviously bothering me), I am beginning to wonder how it is going to affect me not being surrounded by "Hallmark" during the holidays. I mean, anyone who's EVER gone into a Wal-Mart has seen the displays for whatever the next holiday is... months in advance of the holiday. Most of us ignore it, or make some crack about how this is "capitalism at its best", making money off all of us ignorant souls who know no better. But, what will I do now that I won't see ANY Hallmark-esque advertising during the holidays? No Christmas decorations, no 4th of July, not even St. Patty's Day??? It's weird to think about. The fact that I saw online late on Sunday that it was Easter, and that I otherwise would have had NO idea it was a little unnerving. haha

Anyway, the baby is up. Thank you, Mosque! You know, they say they "only" pray 5 times per day... that is complete crap. They actually pray 5 times per day for five solid minutes, THEN they END the prayer time (over the loudspeaker) about a half hour later... So they "pray" (read "yell") 10 times per day...

I am going to go start dinner now, but I will try to get camera batteries either charged, or get some more!

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