Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As you may have heard, we were without a working TV when we first got into our apartment. Well, we finally got one and it is crazy how much you miss a little Family Guy when you go without! lol Even Sir missed it... Look:

Last night for dinner, Stu and I met Josh down the street at this little cafe. I had an iced carmel coffee and a sandwich, which was the first thing I had here that I didn't care for. (the fries were good however)

After dinner Stu and Josh went to the mall to go get hair cuts and I walked (in a low-cut top and tight jeans) ALL BY MYSELF with Kaden in his stroller, home. It was maybe a quarter mile. I was so excited I finally did something all alone. I mean, I've gone down to the Haji store a few times, and taken out the trash, but the majority of my "going out" is when Stu is with me.

Anyway, so feel proud. I'm taking baby steps! :)

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  1. Family guy! YAY! Kaden is so cute! he always looks so happy in all the pictures I see!

    You are walking all by yourself already! CRAZY!!! You are one brave woman!

    Nicole and Jay