Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday during the half hour break I have between work and school (where I eat and play with my kids at super speed, lol), Damon came by to bring us some things he got for us in Cambodia! So cool! I will likely never go to Cambodia in my life, so it was so awesome to get some goodies from a place like that. He didn't get to come to my birthday party, so he said he would get us some prizes. :) Kaden and Jackson are OBSESSED with the awesome puzzle animals. And Lila and I got silk robes that are so pretty and have intricate little designs on them. So cool! And then we got a meal set in a cool box with elephants on the front. Below are pics of the awesomeness. I love to feel loved! :) Thanks Damon!

Tonight after work Stu and I worked out for EVER. My whole body hurts and my knees are destroyed, which was probably a terrible idea that I will regret for the rest of the weekend, but it felt good to kick my own ass. :) We had to focus on homework though as the main Friday night plan, which always makes me feel inherently lame. Haha. We went to bed way too late as a result, too. So lame. 

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