Saturday, February 2, 2013

STEM and Birthday Festivities.

We had a big, fun day! We started out the day by going to the STEM exhibit at Boise State. It was basically a giant nerd convention that coincided with the science fair. They rounded up who’s who and what’s what in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and put them all together at BSU on the same day. I was a champ at being impressed with things I neither care about, nor could ever be so talented as to put together, so that hopefully my kids will become far superior to me at math and science and one day have an interest in them. I was certainly not so lucky, but I feel like it is my job as a parent to let my kids explore everything they may be interested, so they can form interests independent of my own.

BUT, I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed myself along with my mini nerds (and I say that with the highest level of respect and admiration for bona fide nerds… I will never be so smart).

Here are some pics of the nerd convention STEM Exhibit.

Kaden's heat shield being tested out.

Playing with the fun Kinex (sp?) toys!

Writing his heat shield time by his name (21 seconds!)

The amazing robot that shot (and made!) hoops!

Magnifying glass fun for the whole family!

Kaden's artwork and the amazing transfer of images via sound waves.

Then it was time to go celebrate Ian’s birthday so after recording a stupid video presentation for my Research Methods class, we all headed out to Nampa and had a hilarious and fun time (as always) with the besties. It was a small get-together (my fave… so much less pressure to conform) and then we drove home in the INSANE fog, basically steering by braille on the roadway it was so thick.)

Here are some pics from Ian’s birthday:

Ian opening his present. :) (And Miss Salem eating her dinner!)

In 15 years, we won't find this nearly as cute! :)

Sneaky little thing. We are in BIG trouble!

Crackers time!

Besties having their dinner!

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