Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday.

After such a busy day yesterday, the plan today was to get caught up on everything that needed to be done for school and the house so that when Monday started the work/school week again, everything would be caught up and ready to go. That did not happen. Instead, I had a mild panic attack about how much we have going on and how every day it feels like the mildest of slip-ups could send everything crashing down and we won’t be able to regain a balance again. That was probably an overreaction, but that was exactly how it felt. There are so many things going on at exactly the same time these days and I feel like with so many deadlines and things needing our attention, something is bound to fall through the cracks eventually.

Anyway, so I had to edit my video presentation and post it to YouTube, write a grocery list and go shopping, make something for dinner, decide if we were doing snacks for the Super Bowl and if anyone was coming over, and somewhere fit in studying, working out, showering, and going to bed sometime before midnight. Because he has no time to do it during the week, Stu spent a lot of time at the nursing home where he is doing his work study, which means I am dealing with the kids alone while I try to get homework done. I assume they are used to him being there and that is why he can get ANYTHING done, because they are crawling on me, needing refills of drinks, needing to tell me a story, etc. the WHOLE time I am trying to work. Plus, I would WAY rather be tending to them and ignoring homework, which makes it even harder to concentrate, but alas, the project was due at midnight, so there was nothing I could do but push through it and get it done.

I finally did get to the store and made it home then made vegetarian crock pot lasagna, which might have been a good plan, except that I didn’t finish prepping it until 4:15, and it required two hours of cooking time on high. Then I am apparently unable to read properly and somehow set the dial to “low” by mistake. I fed the kids something else because they were STARVING by 4:30, so I figured Stu and I could just eat late. It wasn’t until 6:15 that I realized the error of my ways and by then, I was resigned to eating crunchy vegetables and soupy noodles (which, despite the accident were still super tasty). Stu waited to eat until they were properly cooked and then came back for seconds, so it wasn’t a complete fail meal after all.

We ended up still staying up way too late and not getting nearly as much studying done as I’d hoped, but what can you do? I went to bed with soaking wet hair because I was just too tired and worn out to worry about blow-drying it (Which, btw, kept me up more than if I'd just taken care of it because it got freezing and soaked my pillow... fail.). Here’s to a brand new week!

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