Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Granddad Ezzell.

So much for a new week. I got a call from my Dad last night that my granddad had stopped breathing and they had taken him to the hospital and had him breathing again.

This morning, I was trying to deal with the fact that it was my parents' anniversary. How do you handle a day that for the past... since I can remember, has been a day of celebrating my parents' marriage. We always made cards and baked cakes and hung up signs... Now my parents aren't together. They still aren't divorced, which makes it even weirder for someone like me who gets stuck on dates and counting, so it's still another year of "marriage," but if they aren't living as a married couple, how do you wrap your head around that date?

Then, around 10 AM, I was talking to my cousin Sarah via text when she got the call that granddad had passed. Now my day, which had already been awkward, had suddenly been given a violent shove from awkward to heartbreaking. It was a day all wrapped in feels.

He was such a good man. In my entire life I cannot remember a single time when he was angry or upset. He was just always there, taking in everything. His biggest joy in life was being surrounded by his family and just being part of them having a good time. He lived a solid and happy 92 years and I doubt there was a single thing on this planet that he would have had regrets about.

Still, it is sad and he will be sorely missed. You just can't lose good, wholesome, God-fearing people from this world without feeling the sting of it, even if it is after a long, loving life.

So here's to my granddad, William Thomas Ezzell, may you now rest in peace. I love you.

Here are my Dad, his Dad, Great Granddad, Kaden, and myself. 5 generations. I will forever be grateful for this vacation where Kaden got to meet Granddad.

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