Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Vacay.

I thankfully had the day off for President's Day, so I could try to get better for the work week ahead.

In an effort to get me out of bed and into the sunshine, Stu so awesomely made me lunch and he, myself, and Jackson played (well, Jackson played and Stu picked up dog poop while I sat and ate) outside. It’s been so beautiful out while I have been sick and it’s so lame to watch it from inside while feeling like walking down the stairs is just too much effort to muster.

Then I saw a voodoo doll on the fence. That was freaky. Lol. Stu claims it is a pile of leaves, but look at it! Weird!

Mimi volunteered to come over and sit with the kids so Stu and I could go on a date and go grocery shopping (I was definitely not up to the task all on my own). So we went to Flatbread and had fondu and mini pizzas and half-sandwiches. I freaking LOVE their food. It was a great date. :)

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