Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forensics FTW.

Remember the test I didn't get to study for (including not reading a SINGLE page in my book, and not having a chance to look over the lecture notes from class)? Well, I got that test back to night and I got a B+! Woohoo! That could have gone SO much worse. So for right now, I have As in all of my classes. Let's hope I can keep it up and no more sickness rears its ugly head!

Tonight in my Forensics lab, we did dust lifting and shoe print casting. I like that we have a lab in that class (though it certainly does make for LONG days) because it really is cool to see real-world application of the concepts we talk about. Forensics is so abstract when you just talk about it, so seeing it in action is much better. It's a good group of people in that class as well, so that's nice. And though he is a former cop, I am actually really enjoying the professor this time around. He is super calm and laid-back, but also hilarious, in a very dry, unassuming way. I could listen to him all day. He's got amazing stories.

One more day and the weekend is HERE! :)

In other news, my workout tonight tried to kill me. I took almost two weeks off from working out because of sickness, and it is SO hard to get back into it and to where I was the prior 8 weeks. It sucks.

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