Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mommy is sick. :(

So, basically the one thing that can negatively effect our very carefully scheduled life, is illness. I say it all the time and it is painfully true, I have NO TIME TO GET SICK. Well, guess what? Yep. I am sick. I don't think it is the flu, because I am not barfing, BUT, it is knock-me-on-my-ass, achy body, pounding headache, sore throat, etc. of suck, and I feel like utter shit. I came home from work a little bit early with the intention of getting in a nap before I had to rush off to school. Instead, I stayed in bed and on the couch (a big move I was incredibly proud of), before I realized what it would mean to actually go to school... finding a parking space, walking too far in the snow and cold, sitting for 3 hours in a too-hot room, and I felt exhausted. If even the THOUGHT of what I have to do is exhausting, it's probably a safe bet that I should skip it. So I shot my teacher an email and stayed on the couch watching the Chris Dorner drama unfold with the burning cabin and all (and then the painfully underwhelming-but-I-expected-nothing-less State of the Union address). Not what I had planned at all, but hopefully this is a 24-hour deally and I can be back to it soon.

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