Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know I have been horrible and haven't posted any actual blogs this whole trip. I haven't been able to upload photos since I'm using my parents' computer (no wireless router) and things have been typically busy here. Soooo, I will post blogs once we get back to UAE that have substance and detail the goings on of the trip. When I am more rested and back to being (bored) just a Mom, I will definitely have more time to blog!

So, this is a blog to say I'm not blogging for a few more days still. Sorry for the lag to the four constant readers! :)

We fly out of Spokane tomorrow headed for Los Angeles and then London and back to UAE (with ungodly layovers at each). Give me a few days to recuperate from jet lag, then expect plenty of catch-up blogs.


  1. Oh no - the trip is already up? I know you're sad to be heading back. Well have a safe trip back to UAE!

  2. We hope you have a better trip going back than coming over!! Papa and I are sad that you have to leave, but we're looking forward to seeing you at Christmas! We had such a good time in CDA this time and Papa will always remember his "morning duties" with Sir Kaden! He's THE cutest baby on earth. It's hard to think of him as a "baby" but that's what he is for now; however, he'll always be your baby until he's a very old man! Read: Uncle Doug!! (Not that Doug is an old man yet - better say that since we tease him about being 40)! haha We love you all very much and can't wait to read your blog again and see more pictures of our precious great-grandson and his cute parents! We are praying that your trip will be a good one and that Kaden will get used to this time change and flying all over the world! You should keep track of his actual mileage and see what he puts on his little body..could be interesting! God Bless All Of You! Mimi and Papa XXXXOOOO

  3. Wow how time flys. Call me if you need me to keep an eye on the precious one during the recoup period as you know I am home all day everyday except for the occasionally mall or LuLu run.

    S of UAE