Monday, August 25, 2008


Taking a brief break from the updates from vacation, here is what Stu came home looking like last night…

Yeah, so apparently he stood up into a part of a plane and cut his head open. They shaved part of it so they could put 4 stitches in. Poor baby. He is doing fine but they gave him some antibiotics and some ointment to put on it. He then made me cut his hair shorter last night so it would grow back in somewhat even… boy was THAT gross! Haha. I had to really carefully go around the dried blood and stitches. But it does look better now that it is shorter and there isn’t such a huge gaping hole.

And here are some pictures of Sir!


  1. Hey Sydney! Its Hayley! Poor Stu! I'm so sorry! I just got a blog! Check it out! I've got some pictures and 2 posts! Love you! XOXO!

  2. Oh! My poor Baby!! I hope that heals well! I always worry about infection - it comes with working in a hospital! GROSS!-
    At least you got a nice haircut out of it! :-)