Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mall of the Emirates

We have been to Dubai several times now but we had failed to stop by the Mall of the Emirates… until now. Rainy called to say that we were going to Dubai with her and Marcelo whether we liked it or not, so we picked to like it and Stu rode with Marcelo and Rainy rode with Kaden and me out there. It was really nice to have an hour or so to have some girl time to chat. Once we got there it took over a half hour to find parking (finally on the roof) in the truly massive parking garage. There were more people in this one mall than live in my home town. Seriously.

The mall is just a mall when you take it all in. Sure, it has Ski Dubai, an indoor full-sized ski mountain… in the middle of the desert. And it has more stores than you could EVER see in one day. But aside from the things that make it just another monstrosity in Dubai, it’s just another mall. Stu is determined to never venture back there again as we have really taken a liking to our uncrowded Khalidiyah Mall. But, should we ever need a Lucky Jeans or Abercrombie and Fitch while we’re here, we do know where to go!

Rainy and Marcelo always have a great time with Kaden while we are out and they took turns holding him and passing him back and forth. They’re so cute to watch with him… they should get a baby!

Anyway, so that was our weekend!

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