Friday, August 1, 2008

Pretty Cool.

Told ya we were being read (or monitored, haha)! I was clued in to this by a fellow (American) blogger... I was included in the "Blogosphere" bits in June on the Gulf News site. Here is the link:

I will post pictures of the wedding tomorrow... Here is a little preview. It was a beautiful wedding, Kaden was adorable (but sweaty), we had good food and great time!


  1. We represent the Lollipop Guild, the Lollipop Guild, haha! Kaden looks like a Munchkin in this picture! This will be a great one to keep and compare when he's a grown up standing next to you. How adorable! I showed it to Jeff and he said "is he standing?" HAHA! Hope you've got some close-ups! And way cool on being featured on Gulf News! How cool is that?

  2. You and the Big Sand are causing quite the stir at the Gulf News!! I love it!
    Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!