Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Waiting Game.

So Kaden just emptied his drawers… all of the neatly organized “shirts go here”, “pants go here” are on the floor… I guess he is as bored waiting as I am. Stu headed off to the gym which was probably a really good idea after he informed me both that he was bored and that we still had 17 hours before our plane took off. Ugh!

So I think I will head up to the roof when he gets back to get my tan on (5 on each side, lest I die of heat stroke). Then I’ll be out of ideas to pass the time and we’ll still be waiting. Maybe I should go Google “things to do when bored” and see what happens. Or go play some more Bookworm!

Oh, for those that were worried (I can’t lie, I was too!) I WILL be able to update my blog while I’m gone as my Mom informed me they just got high-speed internet after it seemed to be an impossibility. Hooray for technology!


  1. Congrats! Glad today finally came for you...have a safe trip. Hope Kaden is a good baby on the way over! Good luck!

    Oh and for boredness, if anything needs cleaning or straightening again - I would do it now so you can come home to a clean apt!

  2. Hey Sydney, I hope yall have a blast while you're back home! It's too bad you won't get to see NC, but I completely understand the time crunch. Haha don't worry, I was at Topsail last weekend - it still looks the same as it always has, so when yall do get to come back this way one day, I'm sure it'll still be exactly what you remember. =) I hope you really enjoy getting to see the family and all, and hope you have safe travel!!
    PS- I'm really enjoying the blog!