Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Party # 2

The day after the Pig Pickin' we had a small family birthday party for Kaden so that we could celebrate with all of the people we wished were with us fir his birthday the few weeks before. It was fun except that we started it at what would have been nap time so he was kind of a crabby butt and made us hurry things along!

But he was pretty entertaining with the opening of presents and of course with the cake! Here are some pics:

Kaden hanging out with Kyle.

Me (with a weird face), and Melissa and Reece!


Kaden playing his new pointing game with his Uncle Deven.

Telling Aunt Marcia why he is mad.

This ended up being the BEST toy ever for the plane ride home. Thanks Kyle and Melissa!

Marcia and Deven keeping his wardrobe adequately psychadelic.

Trying to talk him into being a happy baby in spite of missing his nap.

Kaden's cake!

He loved it.

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