Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, We're "Home"!

As I have mentioned, I will definitely be catch-up blogging about our great vacation to Idaho soon, but right now I just wanted to quickly write to let everyone know we made it back here safe and sound and with less trouble than there could have been. Kaden did as well as could be expected... there were plenty of crying spells that seemed to last forever to us, but then he DID sleep for 9 hours on the flight to London, so who are we to complain???

Right now I am still having that "moving" feeling. Like when you finally get off a boat that you've been on all day and it feels like you are still on it. I'm apparently only off the airplane physically... my poor body is so confused. There really ought to be some sort of law that concerns just how many time zones you can travel through at one shot (Kaden would definitely agree!). So as I type this, Kaden and Stu have given in to the pressures of sleeping calling them and I am under strict instructions to wake Stu in ONE hour. If I am not passed out on the computer myself in an hour, I will. I, on the other hand, having listened to many folks here that have travelled much more than myself, am resisting sleep since they all say, "Don't give in to the urge to sleep... stay up until it's night where you are now." So I am shooting for 7 PM as "night". As of now it is barely 11 in the morning and I feel like I could easily sleep for a week. I doubt my eyes have ever felt so dry before.

For those of you eager for the upcoming blogs, here is a little preview of what is to come: The trip was by no means boring... between having to TASTE every bit of liquid in my carry-on (diaper bag... with enough baby food to feed a small army) and the joys of the French, it really was quite an interesting trip. We also went to a theme park while we were in Idaho, went to a Supercross race that my sister raced in, and got to see TONS of family and some friends. I can't think yet, but I will start posting just as soon as Kaden and I are sleeping on some basic schedule.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us, especially to those who had to travel so far to do it. We had a great time and really appreciate the memories since it will be so long before we're stateside again. I didn't get to see a lot of people I'd hoped to see, but it was still so nice. Bye for now!

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  1. It was a great long weekend for us and to get to see that precious baby again all "grown up" and walking! He's such a little man now! However, he's still a B A B Y, and I doubt he really knows what "time out" is or what it's supposed to accomplish....haha....but someday it might work! We are anxiously awaiting our trip to see you soon! We love you and we thank you for a wonderful time to play with our Sir Kaden for a few days! Love to all...Mimi & Papa