Monday, April 20, 2009

Airman Steener.

Another quick interruption of blogging about the trip (then, I promise I'll keep going :)).

I got to talk to Justine last night! Yay! She is officially an Airman now and we are all so proud of her. Of course we both had to be blubbery babies on the phone, but I haven't talked to her since before she left for Basic and before that, since we were there in August! So I miss her millions, but it was so great to hear her voice and hear first-hand what she's been up to and how it went and all that.

Anyway, I love you Steenie and I am sure Tech School will fly by and then you can go home for a bit.

Here are some pics of her at Graduation: (excuse the poor quality, Papa took them with his cell phone, which he sent to my Mom on hers, which she then emailed me. Thank God for technology!)

This is her graduation ring.

Papa with his cool rental car! :) Thanks Papa for being there for her and sharing pictures!

And since I'm posting pics from my Mom's camera, I might as well include the ones of their finished new living room! (I know of bunch of my childhood friends as well as family read this and will appreciate the amazing changes they've made!)

And my brother with hair, because truly, this was a bigger shock than the living room. Lol

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  1. Poor Hayden....he looks so confused...suppose it's all that hair he's not used to?? haha Well, Mimi and Papa like hair on the head and not all buzzed off like a summer haircut!! Good for you, Hayden!!! ;)