Monday, April 6, 2009

Roof Coloring and Bubbles

Grandma and Grandpa Fox and Marcia sent us boxes recently with Easter stuff! Because we're going to be in Rome for Easter, we decided today was as good a day as any to test them out up on the roof! Kaden couldn't quite figure out how to blow the bubbles with the wand (but he ate plenty of them trying) so Stu and I blew them much to Kaden's glee. :) He enjoyed testing out his new sidewalk chalk (or roof-tile-chalk) and we had a great time up there. Here are some pics of the fun!

See his sweaty head? It's already hot hot hotttt here. :)


  1. I love his little baseball cap!

  2. So cute! Bubbles are still awesome. I see the giant mug, too!

    Also, I heard about an earthquake in Italy - they said it was about 70 miles from Rome. That doesn't affect your trip does it?

  3. Kyle and I are sending you our Rome pics look and see what you think! Even though we have our own pics of Rome, we'd love to see yours from these many years later. What about the earthquake? As Sarah said, will this effect your trip in any way? Have to checked to see that your hotel is still standing? Just kidding!! haha Love you and we can't wait to hear all about your trip!! Love you! M and P

  4. I emailed the picture's from my trip to rome ,from back in the 70's. some are a little fuzzy in the vaticon they would not let you use a flash, I think it may have changed a little in 30 year'!
    Be sure you take your winter coat's I checked the weather and it's around freezing!
    Can't wait to see your picture's and hear about the adventure's!
    Love Dad

  5. I just redid the math and our pics are from 1984, so the 30 yrs. we thought are only 24...after reading Tom's comment, I started thinking about the years....DUH...just another "mimi" thing, huh? Sorry! hahahaha