Friday, April 3, 2009

Hassle-free Border Run

I finally remembered the camera when we went on our border run yesterday, but it was gross outside so I didn't get a chance to take pictures of much. This was our easiest border run by far. We got through the UAE border (exiting) in less than 5 minutes and then wisked through the Oman border in about ten minutes. Kaden was pleasant, only whining on our way back to Al Ain because he was starving.

He is so much easier in the car these days because we can barter and negotiate with him and he understands. "You can play with Daddy's phone if you're quiet until we get to the 'eat' place." He was pretty good at entertaining himself, serenading us for part of the time with his little piano and singing (we've been watching American Idol, hehe). We also played a version of "Eye Spy" asking him if he could see a bird, a car, a truck, etc. I am hoping with his new conversational skills, Rome will go smoothly.

Speaking of which, we leave in 6 days! Yay! We're both more than excited to go. And now it is close enough to be outwardly excited. I have a huge project due for my English class half-way through our trip, so I have to get it done this upcoming week. I think it's a great thing since it will keep me busy and not just waiting for the trip. Plus of course we have to pack one of the days and go get Kaden some fun "prizes" for when he is a good boy on the plane (which he will hopefully be the whole time, hehe).

Other than the border run we haven't done much this weekend. I think it's going to be a lazy weekend after driving yesterday. We watched a movie last night and then went to bed. We need to grocery shop today, but other than that, it's still storming off and on here, which is so great, but makes for inside weather. :)
Here are the few pics I took in Oman:
See? Icky weather. But we enjoyed the change! New scenery and not-so-hot. I'll take it over 100+ degree weather any day!

Daddy being a champion driver!

Kaden making a hands-free call.

Entertaining himself!


  1. Did our sweet little man get a new car seat?? Looks so much nicer than that other one! When we come back over, we hope we can join you in a "border run!" ahha Boring for you, but fun for us! You'll have to let us know the dates of the border run and we'll plan on being there during that time! haha Love you guys...have a good "weekend."

  2. Nope, same carseat, lol. Apparently it looks better in pictures than in person! And, thanks to Marcia and all of her fabulously wonderfulness, this was hopefully our last border run. Unless we decide to make a trip to Muscat, we won't be going anywhere near the border again! Haha

  3. wow, Kaden is getting huge! I can't believe how big he is now