Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Saudi Bound!

That's right, Stu has taken a job in Saudi Arabia. :) We didn't want to say anything before it was all figured out, just in case we didn't get the job. But, yesterday Stu received his offer letter and it looks like we're good to go. We'd been getting somewhat tired of UAE anyway, so we figured with the American ecomony in turmoil, going somewhere else overseas was the best decision for now.

A little bit about the job: It's basically the same thing he's doing here, airplanes and whatnot, but we will get to live on a compound there with other expats. The only somewhat scary thing is that when we go off the compound (for grocery shopping and going to and from the airport) we will have to have a police or military escort. Of course I will have to wear a burka when I am in public as well. I haven't done much research on what men wear though, so I am not sure if Stu will have to change his attire too or not.

We're told it is pretty safe though. The last mishap was a couple of years ago when there was a beheading after a case of mistaken identity. We've been told that the company gives us free bullet-proof vests to wear if it makes us feel more comfortable, but we really just think we'll avoid leaving the compound as much as possible.

Since this was somewhat short notice, we're just trying to get as much of our apartment packed to move before we leave for our Rome trip. We'll be expected to be in country by the end of the month, so it doesn't give us much time to pack after we get back from our trip.

(For those who have failed to notice the date yet, Happy April Fools Day! :) And, to make it extra clear for the grandparents out there currently crapping their pants, I'm just joking, we're staying in the UAE for now. See? UAE isn't so bad... it could always be worse! :))


  1. You got me, I had no idea that it was April 1st. I got a little sad, then I read the last bit. Hahaha!

  2. Good one! You had me going. But my biggest question was HOW LONG??? HAHA!

  3. HA HA! I even knew the date, but still believed you!!! whew scary stuff girlie!

  4. Holy sure got us good!! I read it, then called Papa to read. I wasn't sure to laugh or cry or be happy for you to experience a new life! I got suspicious when you said "police or military escort," but knew some friends who lived there for two years and they also said that! LOLOL Good one, You Bad Girl YOU!! We are still laughing. However, Papa turned around before reading the fine print and said, "Well, what do we have to do to go to Saudi?" see, we'll still follow you wherever you are! haha Love you and Happy April Fool's Day to you too...I'd try, but can't beat this one!

    Mimi and Papa

  5. Jolly Ranchers, as well as loads of other American items, can be gotten in Safeway (on Shaykh Zayed road Jumeirah, Dubai)

  6. I personally loved the UAE, miss it very much. Life was so simple there and everything was in arms reach. The Middle Eastern culture can be very beautiful if you look at it right, much more peaceful than our American culture today. Too many people pay attention to our main stream media in America always trying to sell us the terrorist BS…. Could not believe the racial profiling witnessed in the airports when I had went home for a short while. As for the American food (don’t sweat it) there is plenty of other stuff in the market there. The American markets very seldom had anything truly worthwhile back in the U.S.

    Ill be back, hopefully to stay for good...

    Note: good job on the blogs. First time I have looked at them since Sept of last year. Hope all is well, keep your head up and make the best of it. Wonder around town,kick it at the beach. Its very safe, close to the safest place in the world. As long as you continue to tell you self its bad you will stay convinced.

    Josh :-)

  7. haha, nice chica, so Kyle and I are going to try and save our money and see if we can come visit you guys :) Don't get your hopes up yet, but just know that we are talking about it and going to see if it can work.

  8. Hopes are already up! Sorry! That would be so awesome!!! We talked about it after Stu got off the phone with Kyle the other night. It might even make staying here bearable. :) I miss you TONS though and I hope it works out. We'll show you a good time! :) (Ask Mimi and Papa! Haha)

    Love love love

    Oh, and Joshy, hope Iraq is going well. You didn't have to live here as a woman with a baby. :) Your life was infinitely simpler than mine. But yeah, some parts of America are definitely not better than living here. We just got lucky with having Boise as our home.:) Hope you're well!

  9. For Melissa and Kyle...DO GO TO SEE SYD AND STU....they are excellent host/hostesses and you will be amazed at their knowledge of the there has changed them somewhat, but all for the good. You will love our little man, Kaden, and he can also entertain you with all his antics. Do whatever you can to go's amazing and the scenery is outstanding! We hope to go back over sometime in the fall...OR...whenever Sydney says "come over!" haha It was the best time of our lives, bar none of the other trips we've ever taken except maybe to Italy and Rome. A trip of a lifetime...and we've had a long lifetime of traveling. Believe us, you won't regret the money spent to go! Save, save, save....

  10. Wow haha those are catching first words in that post! Very good joke though!! If most of that information about the place is true, I'm glad you're staying where you are!

  11. Would have to agree, would be much more difficult with a little one. But Kaden rocks.... This job is great, would recommend it to anyone. We get 28 days vacation a year, $4,000 bonus at 4 months, $4,000 at 8 months and then $8,000 at 12 months. Plus our pay is $2,900 a week take home. Can’t beat this…. Took all that extra time we have here since we have plenty of it to go back to school and finish up my BA in Intelligence studies. After this ill pursue a job with the CIA’s UAV program. This PTDS program I am on is only one of hundreds of UAV programs here. Hey give Stu a heads up that LM People has a few U-2 jobs open there working with the US Air Force for $117,000 a year. Forget about the qual's, just apply if wanted. So far my plans might be to stop off over there in Abu Dhabi for around 8 days to visit some friends then take 2 weeks to see my daughter in Cali. The rumor is that after my vacation I am being sent to Afghanistan to set up a new site the Army finally purchased after 3 years of debating. Well hope all it well there and tell Stu to stay out of trouble and forget about Ken’s antics.

    Miss everyone....