Sunday, April 5, 2009

Four Days and a Wake Up!

Daddy picked up the camera this morning (we're debating between getting a 4 gig memory card, taking fewer pics in Rome, or taking the laptop with us) and got some pics of Kaden having some fun.
We're just getting excited to go. I can't believe we haven't left this country in 8 months. I hadn't realized it had been that long, but it also makes sense why I've been so eager for a change of pace and scenery.


I love his face in this one. Hehe.


  1. Go with the memory cards. I have tons of them and they're easy to file away, hard to corrupt the data and fairly inexpensive. I have them ranging for 212mb to 8gb and you can create and arrange files on them like a hard-drive so you can combine them if you wish.


  2. After you see our pictures from 30+ years ago, you may want to reconsider the amount of pictures you might take. A bigger memory card is one way, but then the laptop can keep you sending US pictures while you are doing your thing!! See how selfish we are?? haha It's going to be a great time, but make sure you take lots of pics with Kaden in them for him to keep, too. Have a wonderful time and brush up on your helps over there somewhat! Found that out! Love you...Mimi and Papa

  3. Get a 4 gig card! You won't regret it. I got one for Christmas and LOVE IT!

  4. why don't you get an 8gig memory card , i have one and i took zillions photos with it...

  5. Memory cards, all the way!! I got 2 4gb cards and a 8 gb for when I went to Canada. We debated taking my laptop but didn't want to travel with it, especially on the plane, and worry about it in the room while we were out. On my Nikon (you've got the DSLR right?) the 8gb card gave me roughly 1,000 pictures in the jpeg fine setting. That's just an estimate though, since it just displays 1K, haha. I took about 50 pictures yesterday at my parents' house, and it finally got down to 999. :-) So my vote is to take as many pictures as you can! :-) This may be crazy, but I came back from 10 days in Canada with almost 1700 photos taken between Jason and me. Less than 5% of those were taken in NEF RAW mode of scenery, and we took a good bit of video too. So that gives you some sort of gauge for the actual number of photos you could get.
    P.S.- Haha, Kaden's face is HILARIOUS in that last photo - so cheesy!