Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day One: Friday (Rome-ward Bound)

After a sleepless night and much anticipation, we left for the Abu Dhabi airport at about 8:30 in the morning on Friday. Actually leaving was easier than we expected. We flew through security, not even having to remove our shoes, which is a nice change from American airports. Trivia: Abu Dhabi airport has no gate 13. I was wondering if this was common, or if it was just here. Huh.

Kaden was in an uncharacteristically awesome mood, waving to every security guard and then leading the way to the common waiting area. He had fun exploring everything and then went with Daddy to get some water so Mommy even had a few minutes of alone time with her mp3 player. A nice way to start a vacation!

Charlie of course is accompanying us on our travels. Here he is waiting patiently in Abu Dhabi airport.

Here is Kaden enjoying the airport in Abu Dhabi.

The flight from Abu Dhabi to Doha was equally as easy as waiting. Kaden lucked into his own seat (he’s a “lap baby” still… our last trip as one. *sniff* My baby is getting so old!) and he enjoyed a tomato and cheese pizza pocket. An angel baby.

Our layover in Doha with off without a hitch as we indulged in some A&W that we haven’t had since Boise. The flight from Doha to Rome was, unfortunately, much worse. We didn’t luck into an extra seat that time and we were stuck in the middle row with a 6-month-old on one side with her parents and an aisle on the other. Not very conducive to “playing area”. Kaden was a total brat and cried and fought with us practically the whole flight. Finally, about an hour before we landed, he gave up and passed out on my chest until we landed.

We made our way through the Rome airport fairly uneventfully and were then met by our hired car… a Mercedes Benz… van. Hehe. And our driver, Fabrizio, who was the epitome of Italian with his expensive leather jacket and Fabio-esque dark locks, oiled and slicked back. He spoke no English but was very courteous as he whipped his way through the impossibly tiny streets, all the while talking on his Bluetooth headset.

Out hotel was very nice, though our room was small (especially after 7 days of nothing but each other, hehe). The bed was painfully uncomfortable, but the window shades kept the noise and light out nicely. We decided after travelling all day to just take showers and go to bed before we started sight-seeing.

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