Saturday, April 18, 2009

We're Ba-ack!

We just walked in the house about twenty minutes ago and now we need to shower, rest, and definitely eat soon. Stu and I didn't get to sleep last night (silly planes), so we need to recoup a bit, but rest assured, we took over 1700 pictures while we were there and I kept a journal of our daily events.

So stay tuned!

As soon as it is feasible, I will be posting a day-by-day account of our fabulous - and much needed - trip to Roma! :)



  1. Ahlan wa sahlan ('Welcome' in Arabic)

  2. Got your yahoo message and can't wait to talk to you and have a look at our little man, whom we have missed very much for the last week!! I will keep watching for you to get on here! Love you...bye for now

  3. glad you are back!! and happy to hear you had a great trip can't wait to hear all the details

  4. I have been up until way past my bedtime to see if you'd be on, but I think you are still adjusting to the "sleep/not sleep" time change....Oh, gosh, get on as soon as you can!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see OUR LITTLE MAN!!! Was he OK with the trip??? Did all the Italians fall in love with him??? haha Love you guys