Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sorry I've been off the radar these past few days. I have a final in A&P that I've been studying for, as well as pretending to finish my final report for Technical Communication (meaning I open the Word document it's in and stare at it for a bit before thinking better of it and heading off to Facebook... Hey, at least I'm honest!).

Marcia was wondering, no, we still don't have our passports back yet, but we should have them by Monday. We got the paperwork back on my blood work and chest scan and apparently if you don't have AIDS or Tuberculosis, the UAE government determines that you are "fit" as my paperwork so proudly declared. Perhaps they'll add swine flu to that list before long. What the heck is going on over on that side of the world, yo? Seems that things are falling apart. So odd.

Anyway, otherwise we've just been killing time by spending some of it on the roof (short stints of 20 minutes or my son looks like he's literally going to keel over and die), I've been cooking some, and we’ve all been reading. Oh, that's Kaden latest thing, "reading" in bed with Mommy and Daddy before bed, but not having a story read to him, he likes to sit and "read" silently like Mommy and Daddy. So we get a few more minutes of book time before he's off to bed and we'd best follow, or we regret it in the morning. So that has been nice.

In other news, my son's two favorite words right now are "truck" and "fox" (we read Fox in Socks the other night). This would typically be cute, but he says truck like "cock" and fox like... well you can probably guess, but it isn't the most appropriate word for my almost-two-year-old to be saying over and over while we cruise by people on the street (and then clapping his hands in pride).


  1. I'm laughing at Kaden's pronunciations they are cute. I remember when Chase was learning to talk he would say sit and point to a chair for you to sit in, but he said it with a 'sh'. At church one Sunday one of the little old ladies in the nursery was having fits at me for my son saying vulger words. When I realized what she was talking about I said he is saying SIT not what you're thinking. DUH!!! LOL!!!

  2. HAHA so funny! Who used to say fire ***k? was it Hayden? Everyone goes through that I guess. Watch how you pronounce things. :) and reading in bed! how precious. I used to have to read out loud so many stories to Flower that I would be too tired to start my own book. We miss you SOOO much. Love, Marcia

  3. (We miss you more!) And I am pretty sure that was Harrison. :) Cute! I totally remember that though. Yes, he definitely has developed his own little independent personality these days and pushes his limits every single day! :) (December cannot come fast enough, but then you will have so much of us that you will be SICK of us! I mean it, after work hangouts EVERY night! :))

  4. What about the precocious little 3 year old in a fit of anger in her pre-school class yelling "YOUR NOT MY FRIEND - SHIT!!!" Some kids actually do say the words and know exactly what they mean.....Not that I'm naming names or anything....SYDNEY!! :-)
    Miss Marty almost had a heart attack!! Hahahaha!
    Love, Mamma