Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Day and a Wake Up!

It's nearly here and we couldn't be more excited! Even with the horrific news about the earthquake in Italy, which doesn't seem to have been close enough to Rome to change our plans at all, we're stoked as ever.

Last night Kaden and I started packing (while Stu played his harmonica like the champion that he is). I laid out sets of clothes with tops, bottoms, and socks and Kaden took off with them to far corners of the house. I started organizing my make-up into a small zip-up pouch and left the room to find my pencil sharpener while Kaden emptied said pouch and lost my mascara. As I moved on to packing the suitcase, he filled it with dirty clothes from the hamper and toys he thought needed to be packed. Sigh.

So needless to say, I finished most of the packing (all except the things we use daily) while he napped today. It went much more smoothly.

But now I'm just ready! It's too bad we don't leave tomorrow morning, hehe. I suppose I will survive. I read a bunch more in the guide book we got and I can't wait for our daily excursions. The only bad news is the weather report. I checked it this morning and every single day we're there calls for rain. So, it looks like after a year of NO rain at all, we will get our fill in our one week of vacation! Haha. Figures. But I'm not adverse to the idea at all. Stu was a bit more bummed when I told him about it, as I'm sure his visions of shorts and Hawaiian shirts went out the window, replaced by visions of trash bag ponchos and soppy socks, but I couldn't be more excited to spend a vacation wet. I'll just be sure to trade my normal mascara for the waterproof variety. :)

In other news we "roofed" it again this morning and boy is it HOT here. We tried to take the computer up there to record a video of Kaden with the bubbles but it was too bright. By the time I figured out that it wasn't going to work (all of two minutes) the computer was hot to the touch so it had to come back downstairs. We had a good time though, soaking in the rays. By the time we get back from Rome it's going to be close to the unbearable stage here so we're trying to make the most of the comfortable weather while it lasts.

For those not in the loop, we're probably going to be here another year (think the end of this year), so if you've been wanting to see the Middle East (especially a guided tour of a portion of it, hehe), by all means come see us! Mimi and Papa had a great time while here and are in fact planning their second trip out here.

It's just easier for us to stay motivated and not miss family and friends as much if we have something to look forward to that is closer than "going home". So come to the Foxy Inn! :) With that said, we're about 80% sure we'll be in the States (North Carolina this time) in August if you have an inkling to see us, but don't want to venture THIS far east, haha.

Anyway, as plans get more set in stone, or change, I will let everyone know, but so far, that appears to be the plan. We didn't really want to plan anything yet after the turmoil that surrounded last year's plans, but we figure broadcasting our plans is better than not telling them at all! :)

That's about it for us. Also, I wanted to mention that I am not going to be online or updating the blog while we are on our trip (technology-free vacay!), but I will be sure to update it with pictures and tales galore as soon as we get back.


  1. Have a great vacation! So much fun! I've always wanted to go to Italy. Except for the earthquake part. Yikes. Stay safe and have a great time! Take lots of pictures! Love you!

  2. Have a wonderful vacation! We will be thinking of you and all the sights you are going to be seeing....don't miss anything! Get in as much as you can. Take lots of snacks and liquids for our little man. There should be plenty of little stands to buy things while walking around, etc, so I doubt you have any problem finding snacks and drinks along the way. Damn! Wish we were going with you!! Love you and be safe. You're going to love the Italians!! Take lots of pictures. Mimi and Papa

  3. Haha what a great little helper! And yay for technology-free (even though I typically can't live without it)! It's always nice to have a little separation from it and appreciate the simple things. Hope you guys have an awesome vacation!! Hehe, waterproof mascara all the way. I hear ya. :-)

  4. Btw, I just looked on Google maps to see how far it was from you to Italy vs. you to the US. And when I looked at UAE on the map, I must say that those "Palm" things in Dubai are seriously some of the strangest looking things I've ever seen. At least on a map. I mean, what did they do - haul in a bunch of concrete and build a mini-city out into the water?? Sooo I googled it all, and am now in amazement at everything - the Palms, the Dubai "Waterfront", even that refrigerated beach I remember reading about a while back... the "exclusiveness" they portray. It's just an interesting mentality. It's even amazing how different the city layouts appear to be, I guess than what I'm just used to. Anyway, just thought I'd share my newfound... um, astonishment. :-)
    (Did I just double post this? Sorry if I did.)

  5. Have a ton of fun in ROME! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see the pictures and read all about it when you get back!