Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Bells

Yesterday we went shopping for a cute little suit for Kaden and a dress for me because today Rainy and Marcelo will tie the official knot! I will have pictures up of the wedding, but Kaden’s suit is soooo cute! I can’t wait to put it on him!

While we were cruising between malls yesterday there was a sand storm… these pictures are during daylight hours… look at what it does to the sky… pretty cool.

Anyway, so we (Stu, Rainy, Kaden, and I) ate at that Mexican Restaurant again in Khalidiyah Mall. It was fabulous again, AND we had the COOLEST experience. (Please note where I have been living before discounting my “cool” experience) After we were seated these three men came in and sat down who were, you guessed it, HISPANIC! Hehe. Now, first of all, there are nearly no Americans here… let alone Mexican-Americans, so this was pretty exciting. They were from Texas (one even sporting a Texas Longhorns mascot emblazoned on his bicep) and half way through the meal they started chatting in Spanish. Sighhhhhh… what a nice feeling it was to be in some arbitrary Mexican restaurant in America, Spanish floating through the air, familiar words and phrases passing by my ears. We had a great time eating, thoroughly enjoyed the guac again and then left… walking out into a crowd of hijab-clad women and two dishdasha-sporting men on iphones. Sighhhhh… we were back in the Middle East.

I want to learn more Spanish though. I always forget how much I know until I hear it and try to follow the conversations of others. Arabic is a very complicated language simply because of how vastly different it is from the Romance languages. The letters are all brand new… lordy, the NUMBERS are even all brand new… And they write backwards! So I feel pretty good about the Arabic I have been able to pick up thus far, but I really do love Spanish. Especially after being here… I said to Stu and Rainy that I will never complain about our Mexicans again after living here. (We’ll see how that goes once I’m actually back in the States, lol) It was fun though because kept asking me how to say things in Spanish… (I taught him how to ask: “Como se dice ______ en Espanol?) while we were in an Arabic dress shop and Rainy was talking to the owner in Arabic. It’s nice to know even PART of a language that no one speaks here!

We also drove around and sang good old American tunes… Stu was playing the Ludicris song “Move Bitch” and we came up with new lyrics for it… “Move Paki, get out the way, get out the way, Paki, get out the way…” (If you’ve heard the song it is a lot funnier). What made it even better were the probably 15 different Pakistanis that DID try to cross in front of us on the drive to the mall. Fun times.

Anywho, so today should be fun-filled. Their wedding is at 5:30 this evening and then Stu and I are taking them out to dinner at this newly-opened Brazilian Restaurant (for Marcelo!) where apparently you get a red and green card that you flash the waiters to tell them to bring or hold more food… no menus, just Brazilian Barbeque. So I am looking forward to that experience. Fear not, we’ll take lots of pictures!

Oh, and my sweetest baby on the planet decided to fall asleep on Daddy’s lap this morning while I was on the roof… this is what I came down to. (He NEVER does this, he is such an independent sleeper he won’t even lay down and “rest” with us…)


  1. Hi!! Please give our best wishes to Rainy and Marcelo (hope I spelled his name right!). As for a suit for Kaden, well, I found one for him when he gets a little bigger; it's a size 5! It is a very dark blue with a blue pin stripe and is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time! Oh, the cost?? Another WM special...$7.50!! Anyway, I'll bring it to Cd'A and you can try it on him! It doesn't look, to me anyway, that it's a 5, but more like a 3!!
    But for $7.50 I couldn't resist!! Have fun at their wedding and dinner. We can't wait to meet them! Hope they don't leave before we get there!! Love you so much...Mimi and Papa

  2. Ay, que rico! Tu bebe esta muy bonita. Me encantado! El foto es muy divertido. Tu esposa es tan flaca, no? Necesita una comida de cocina, si? Espero que verlos con mucho anticipado. Hasta!