Monday, March 30, 2009

Duck, Duck, Rain.

Uncle Deven sent Kaden a walking, singing duck for Easter and Kaden loves it. When you pick it up by it's neck it makes a horrible screaming sound, which scares Kaden (rightly), so he is very careful to pick it up under the arms. :) Here is Kaden giving his duck a kiss and hanging out with him!

Also, we have had some CRAZY weather lately and it has been utterly awesome! It started out by hailing this morning followed by huge, fat rain drops that continued for hours. I took Kaden out to play in it this morning and sadly, my son is so unfamiliar with rain that it scared him and he started crying when he got wet. How bizarre is that? Poor, sheltered child. Anyway, it is still just pouring right now and I had to take a break from writing this to open the windows, get soaked and squeal in delight. It's bedtime now though, so I will retire, but I just wanted to share the duck pictures! :)


  1. Those are really cute pics of Kaden. WE only got to see the back of him kissing the duck, so seeing him in action is even cuter! Good to see you guys this morning (our morning)! Love you and miss you!

  2. Wait till that baby sees snow!

  3. How funny! You used to LOVE to play in the rain!! I could hardly keep you in and you would get irritated if you heard thunder because you knew I would make you come in until it stopped. You and Miranda used to play in the giant puddles at the end of the driveways in South Carolina. (laying in the water which used to gross me out, but you were washable...SIGH!!) I love a good thunderstorm too!! I miss the dailys in the South (3:00 on the nose!) :-) Thanks for a good memory!!
    Love you millions!!!

  4. Mom! That was the best game EVER! I was light enough back then that I could press myself up against the sadges of the street on my belly in the water and then push myself and hydroplane down the street at WAY too fast, head-first of course. It was SO COOL! I could never come up with something so fun now! :)

  5. Haha you guys crack me up about when you were little, that's hilarious! I love the rain too, it's so relaxing. Hopefully Kaden will develop your love for it too! :-) I love the duck, especially that he teaches how to pick him up!