Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blah Day.

I feel totally lame, but I have no idea what to blog about today. I think it’s because my brain is totally fried. I have no had enough sleep all week (meaning, last week too), and just can’t catch a time for relaxation. Last night Stu asked if I wanted to set up the router for the home surveillance system for ease of access, or watch TV… I chose the former and spent the next two hours fighting with the stupid router and still not getting it to work. What a waste.

Today I have worked all day, written a paper, done homework, and I have class tonight after work so I am not going to get much of a break there either. I am hoping Stu got the elliptical back set up from the move today so I can start working out again. I keep doing this… I work out for a week solid (I found out that if I want until after night class and then do it, there are no days I excuse myself away because of baby time or hanging out… I have no excuse at ten at night not to work out) and then don’t for one reason or another and completely fall off the bandwagon again.

Yeah, like I said, totally lame today. Sorry. Here’s a Tard pic (my favorite cat of all time) to glee you.


  1. HA! See, you found something to blog about after all! And working out at ten at night? No.

  2. Yeah, well that's when I get home from work and school and I've decided the "no" too and now I'm a fat kid. Crap. Lol. Must make a change! :)