Friday, November 23, 2012

This is it...

... our last night in our home. It's such a true bitter-sweet feeling. While I am overjoyed that we are becoming even more "grown up" and doing things in the interest of benefiting our family in the long-run, it is hard to know that this is goodbye to a place where we have created so many memories together as a family. I know it is less about the physical place and more about the memories we keep, but it is the tangible aspect that ties my memories to "home."

Kaden and I picked out this house while Stu was still in Abu Dhabi. It was so nerve wrecking for me to go from making every single decision alongside my husband, to making huge life decisions on my own. I was also in my first trimester of my pregnancy with Jackson and that made it all the more emotional.

Kaden and I moved in with so little... he had a bed in his room and that was literally it for a while. I slept alone in a HUGE bed in the middle of the room and bolted upright at every strange sound. It actually makes me smile to remember how terrified and unsure I was of everything. I didn't feel comfortable so much of the time and a lot of that had to do with not being able to make decisions on my own.

But I managed to purchase two cars and pick out a house for our growing family that certainly became home. We've brought two babies home to this house. It's hard to let it go.

BUT, I am incredibly excited to start this next chapter in our new house. I know how much fun Stu and I are going to have continually updating and changing it to fit our needs. I am happy with the neighborhood so far and our neighbors are nice, so I am going in with a positive outlook. Still... I definitely got emotional a couple times today. It's tough.

And now back to last-minute packing while my muscles continue to burn and my eyes are desperate for sleep. Maybe next month I'll get enough sleep and can rest. :)

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