Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shitty People.

Since we're blogging again, we might as well use this as a forum for outrage as well. I get that people hurt other people to get something out of them, but what I don't get is intentionally hurting someone who SHOULD care about, for absolutely no reason... with words you can't take back.

My husband is a lot of things, and not all of them are great, but he has a good heart. He is a good dad to our kids, a good friend to those who are worth it, and he loves us (my kids and me), unconditionally.

So it pisses me off when people hurt him. Typically I rub his back (or ego) and remind him about the above qualities and encourage him to let things go and we move on with our lives. But today, his own family said some seriously heinous shit. No need to be cryptic, we're talking about his cousin Jessica. A person he was close enough with that they called each other brother and sister instead of cousin and he lived with her and her family for a time.

A couple of months ago, after two years of listening to her incessant complaining about her kids on Facebook (excited for summer to be over so they can go back to school, how horrible they behave and how she hates to take them anywhere, never positive comments about them), Stu emailed her that she was posting some pretty inappropriate things on Facebook. Instead of having a conversation with him, she decided to delete us both from Facebook and block us (not sure what I did, but I get it, guilty by association, I'll take it. I agree with him. She's a shitty parent and her kids deserve better.)

So today Stu texted her to see if this was really how their relationship was going to end and told him to "lose her phone number."

Since his grandma died in early 2008, Stu has had it on his conscience that he wasn't there to see her pass (something that Jessica knows all too well). We missed seeing her by a mere two weeks, back when we had a brand new baby, were overworked and underpaid so bad that we took a job in the Middle East to pay off our debt and give our family a better life...

...Today his own family has the nerve to say to him, "Least I make it to people's funeral :/ Always wanted to say what I though (sic) too... but no one asked me... so I didn't..... You should be embarrassed for not coming before grandma died. You should be embarrassed for not coming to her funeral... You're dead to me."

Nevermind that grandma died in Michigan at a time when we couldn't afford rent, or that sweet, loving Jessica LIVES there and wouldn't know the real world if it smacked her in the head. She can keep her wonderful, chronically cheating husband and bratty kids, and I'll keep what I've got.

Jess, you're dead to us too.

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  1. The things that so called "family" will say to you...Ugg.

    You guys are both hard working, good people. Taking a job so far away, and living so far away from family is not an easy or fun thing, it is draining, difficult(I know only too well), and sometimes just miserable. To rub it in his face like that is a shitty thing to do, when he probably feels pretty bad already. Tariq has never been able to get over being stuck in the US when his mother passed, and some people like to bring it up anytime they are mad at him.

    You are better off without the added stress and drama that you get by being around shitty people. Love and hugs for all of you.