Friday, November 30, 2012

Work Lunch.

So, I have found a disadvantage to bloggimg again. While I was overseas, I never had any issue with posting whatever entered my head. No censoring (well, there was some, but you know what I mean... only for the purposes of avoiding deportation). Now, with a good, quality job I'd like to keep, I want to at least be aware of what I am saying for the entire world to read. This only results in me having nothing I feel confortable saying.

Case in point: Today I went on a work lunch. It was great. Really great. But that's about all I feel comfortable saying about it. Well now, that's inherently lame. But here we are. So, I am foreseeing more lame blogs if I talk about anything work related.

Right now Kyle is over because Melissa is in Portland and I am schooling everyone at pool. It's lovely. Because that's how I roll. :)

Oh, and I'm watching a terrible football game (Stanford and UCLA), but a girl won a $100,000 scholarship for winning the football toss game. So worth it.

Ok, time to go play again!

(Hey, it's a post... even if it sucks.)

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  1. This is why I am not friends with my work people on Facebook! I don't want them to know my evil side! LOL! I guess they could read my blog, but they don't even know about they Google me, they'll never find it. And if they go through that much trouble, then....oh well! :)