Friday, November 16, 2012

Playroom Babes.

Guess what? WE GOT KEYS!!!! Woot woot! And moving in begins! It's pretty exciting and is actually starting to feel legit real now. We own our very own house. Where our kids will grow up. It's pretty exciting.

Last night, as with most Thursday nights, was super fun. My kids don't get to see me at night until Thursdays because of night school and by then, we ALL want to hang on each other and just play. Because of house stuff, we headed off to Lowe's right after dinner, so when we got home, he went straight to the playroom to unwind before it was jammie time and bed. My kids are getting so old and SO. MUCH. FUN. I thought the sweet, yummy-smelling, cuddly newborn baby was the best stage until all of my kids are hilarious and have their very own personalities and attitudes and selves. I could play with them for hours and (full disclosure) I am not a big pretend player. But they make it fun. Here are some cell phone pics from last night. Just a bunch of goof balls in this house and I am thankful my kids got my totally nerdy side. :)

 So we are headed to the house in a bit to look around and take it in. We will start the moving process this week and next and will hopefully have it go smoothly. (fingers crossed)

Tonight I get a rare Girls Night with Jo and Becky to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2! I am so excited. What an amazing month this has been already and it is barely even half over! :)

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