Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Work...

As promised, it is time to talk more about work. :) Now, I have been pretty lucky when it comes to jobs. I have had very few jobs in my life that I didn't like, much less hated, because I always waited to accept jobs that felt like a good fit. I cannot imagine having to spend the majority of my time somewhere I hate.

My current job is my second-favorite job of all time, but only because I absolutely LOVED my job at the Attorney General’s Office. It had great people, the work was awesome, and it felt like what I did mattered. Here, it is mostly the same… I feel like my job makes an impact on more than myself… but there have definitely been people at this job that I could have gone my life without knowing and it would have been an even more enjoyable experience.

BUT, the biggest part of loving your job is having fun and being happy while you are there. So here is a photo montage of why my job is fun. I work hard AND play hard, and that makes all the difference.

I was going to tell you more about David, my partner in crime at work, but he’s being a butt and won’t let me take a picture of him, so I stalked his Facebook account and stole the creepiest one I could find. J Teach him to say no to my photo opportunities.

Here is creepy David.

Here are our places of productivity… his to the right and mine to the left… it looks cluttered and crazy, but that is typically exactly the way of our job… hurry up and wait. Run around like a head with your chicken cut off to meet a deadline, then surf the web for the whole next day. Such is life.

Now here are some of our friends… First, we decided to do the "Fish! Philosophy"... it has kind of died out, but it began with us definitely having more fun and "playing" more, which lead to more excitement and camaraderie among us. We have since lost a few members to another group here, so our whole group is only four employees, and we all love each other, so the playing was kind of a moot point. 

And this is my very proper monkey, Sped, ready for a hard day's work. 

Here's the dart board. It's useful for two reasons... to relieve tension when dealing with fucktards, and to kill time when work is slow. All pieces of the dart board are made with office supplies. 

And what is a healthy work environment without motivation? Below is my personal brand of motivation (the terribly sarcastic kind), courtesy of David. 

(^ "fish tank")

(^not so much motivation as much as it is reality in our profession.)

And this is the view from the office. It's a cloudy day, but I get a nice uninterrupted view of the foothills (when David lets me open the blinds... I think he has that sunlight allergy. :)) Silly pod people.

And that's where I spend my days. Most says it's full of quiet working, but sometimes there is laughter and silliness too. I love my job. :)

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