Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids' Rooms

As promised, here are the pics of the kids rooms the first day we moved in. The rooms are not complete yet, but they were a pretty good start considering we'd been moving all day. Again, a HUGE thanks to our wonderful friends who made my dream of the kids rooms being fully functional a reality: Melissa, Jamie, Damon, Ian, and Kyle. And thank you to Marcia and Mimi and Papa for keeping my kids entertained, fed, and clean while we were getting it done. :) We love you all!

Kaden's room... he couldn't decide on his theme so we went with blue and red, which includes Cars, Optimus Prime, and Spiderman. Winning.

A second view of K's room.

Kaden's shelf and the bathroom door Ian so awesomely decorated. 

Kaden loves his toilet. :)

K, "Take a picture of me IN my new bed, Mom!"

Li-Li's room. The blankey hanging from her crib (lovely made by the awesome Aunt Justiney), was my inspiration for her room. Expect more zebra print in her room's future. 

View # 2...

# 3 (and Lila and Daddy ready for Mom to get out for night night time).

Jack's room!

Second view. He LOVES his room.

Lila, at the big girl table with the family for the first time AND first meal in the new house.

Jackson is excited about dinner time. :)

All of our stuff in the house and ready to eat!


  1. Sweet dining room wallpaper! LOL! The kids' rooms look amazing! You did such a great job!

  2. I know, right? That's the two aspects of the house (that wall and one more in the living room) that I am not a fan of in the house, lol. But, it will be "fixed" eventually as well, so I am trying to ignore it for as long as possible. The kids hate it too... they peeled part of it off where it was flaking. Niiiice.