Saturday, November 17, 2012


Who knew painting was such a strenuous, tedious task? Maybe if I would have been prepared for exactly how long of an endeavor this would be... or if I'd have known my kids would NOT be helpful, I might have taken on less of a task................... ok, probably not. Still, I spent the whole day painting Lila's room and finally finished the trim and baseboard at 5:00, in time to rush home for dinner, make another Lowe's (bless them) trip, and then jammies and bed for the kiddos. Stu and I did take time to watch The X Factor and now it is bedtime for all. My parents are coming down tomorrow, and I am incredibly excited to use my Dad as a consultant on the new house and the things we want to do with it. :) Looking forward to tomorrow.... Just hoping I can walk. Sooooore Momma right now.

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  1. I remember when we moved from the duplex to our house in Lynnwood, we had to paint the whole interior of the duplex for the new renters - time was short and we ended up having to do it all night long! We had Hayley - she was just a baby - and once she fell asleep in her car seat we just painted and painted. I remember looking at her sleeping at 3 a.m. and us covered in paint and STILL not done and thinking, what the HELL have we gotten ourselves into? Maybe that's why I hate painting now!