Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Day in the New House

The days simply cannot be restful. We got up this morning and had to rush over to Marcia’s after breakfast so Stu could take a test and we found out they had turned the internet off on our old house even though we said it needed to stay on at BOTH houses until it was fully up and running at the new house. Silly them for completely not listening. Crap.

But we got to get Marcia’s heavenly German pancakes, so it was definitely worth it. She helped us out by watching the kids and then we went by the old house to get a few more things we needed NOW before it was suddenly lunch and nap time. I went grocery shopping and then Stu had to run to Lowe’s and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the work week (meaning locate a bra that wasn't a sports bra and play the game of finding a pair of shoes that wasn't tennis shoes in all of the still-packed crap… super fun games). Bed time went much better and everyone slept through the night without incident (although Jack gets up earlier and earlier it seems). 

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