Monday, November 19, 2012

Done painting.

So I spent another day painting and finally finished! I painted a tree in Lila's room and a city skyline in Jackson's. They both came out great and basically exactly as I'd hoped, so I am very pleased. BUT, it was an exhausting three days and I am glad to finally be done.

Now it is time to get in serious packing mode and get everything done and ready to go for Saturday. I am getting somewhat anxious about getting it all done, but my Mom helped out amazingly today and got the whole playroom and pantry packed and ready to go. I have the kids rooms pretty close to done and the rest will be the stuff the movers will take (the huge, heavy stuff), so hopefully we can get everything packed and moved on Saturday with the gracious friends who have offered to help and the movers.

I am really hoping to have things somewhat set up and functional on Saturday and Sunday because I have to go back to work on Monday morning. I am getting SO EXCITED to move though. We've had some hiccups along the way (if anyone knows of a good electrician... we need their services stat) but overall I am just thrilled to have so much more room and get the house and the rooms set up for living (and Christmas!).

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