Wednesday, January 21, 2009

18 Months.

That’s right, today my baby turned a year-and-a-half old! Where has the time gone? Seriously? It seems that it was only yesterday when he and I flew over here. He’d just started crawling, and could hold his own bottle. Now he can tell me when he’s hungry, thirsty, or just plain pissed at me. He said the word “butterfly” this morning. And he can almost buckle himself in his car seat (which he gets into and out of by himself, naturally).

Stu and I decided we’re going to find a way to celebrate this little “holiday” of sorts, but I am not sure how yet. Perhaps a trip to the park, or some yummy forbidden food for our monkey. I can’t believe we’re only 6 months away from two. Wasn’t his birthday just last week?

Kaden and ultra-mod fashion sense… of COURSE boys can wear purple scarves!


  1. HAPPY 1 1/2 YEARS, KADEN....from Mimi and Papa. We think you look terrific in your purple scarf...way to go homeboy! haha

    Hope you have a fun day! We love you, Buddy...give mommy and daddy a kiss and hug from us, OK?

    Bye for now, Sweetheart!

    mimi and papa

  2. Awww..... I remember when you had a "half" birthday - you were six months old and we filled your crib with balloons! I think there are pictures of that around somewhere. Give my baby a kiss from Aunt Mo and let him have a treat today!

  3. Rap-of-the-day!

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    Love, Mamma :-)

  4. HAPPY 1 1/2 KADEN!! MAMMA E LOVES YOU!! :-x

  5. Happy (day late) Semi-Birthday to Kaden! :-)

    ~Cousin (however-many-times removed) Sarah