Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Golden Globes and Genocide.

Kaden and I have been thoroughly enjoying our time together the past week. Yesterday we learned "Two Little Blackbirds" game and Kaden can almost copy all the signs, which is adorable. Especially when he is paying attention really hard. Funny face. And he's been eating all of my new healthy baby food creations I've been trying/inventing.

We also watched the Golden Globes together:

And waited WAY too long to take a nap yesterday...

It has really been fun.
Last night Stu and I talked about the Israel/Gaza conflict. I just can't help but feeling this is really REALLY wrong that the whole world is letting 900+ (!!!) people die (a THIRD of which are children... who are going to be scarred for life... where do YOU think extremists come from???) for. no. reason.
It just makes me really uncomfortable. I watched the Hillary Clinton confirmation hearings and she said that until Hamas agrees to recognize Israel (never going to happen) and stops firing on them (also not going to happen) then "we" (??? Huh?) cannot begin talks with them to come to a peace agreement.
Ok, so historically the Jews have been pretty shafted. No one wanted them during the Hitler issues, so they came in massive quantities and took over their "homeland". Cool. The problem is, this is the wrong part of the world to come to and expect to be tolerated, much less accepted. So they've spent decades fighting and fighting with all of their neighbors and now, it seems as retaliation for thousands of years of persecution, they are killing innocent people. This is genocide. Why is no one stopping this?
I know. I know. I'm American, I'm supposed to be on board with Israel since my Government is. I guess in theory we were supposed to feel sorry for the underdog and that's why we came to their aid those decades ago. But now they aren't the underdog. They're not being persecuted anymore. Their citizens are NOT dying. They are murdering hundreds of people and other than the Gaza-supporting rallies I've seen coverage of throughout the Middle East, no one seems to care. Every news broadcast on FoxNews or CNN or MSNBC are from the Israeli side of the border, reporting on what Israel is releasing to the media. Gulf News and Al Jazeera-English are the only ones reporting from inside Gaza as far as I can tell. Does this recent sequence of events bother no one else???
Anyway, on the same note... Has anyone been hearing about what is going on in Afghanistan? I have been watching the news and I have seen very little mention of anything. However, in our local paper (which may or may not be credible... Lord knows it's had its share of bad reporting) there was an article about how Kabul is under siege from the Taliban and that American forces don't seem to know, or care perhaps. They interviewed one man who lost two sons and who's other son and wife were injured in one of these bombings... why don't we hear about this???
I'm just wondering if our media only chooses to report what they think we need to know... or if perhaps there is a bigger reason we don't hear these things (while not giving in to believing everything I read in Arab newspapers).
Thoughts please.

P.S. I hear Lebanon has joined in the fight on behalf of Gaza, will it take the whole Middle East blowing up Israel to get them to stop?


  1. Afghanistan still has its share of issues and the Taliban continue to fight from the mountains. Not much has changed sadly. You might also have heard about the acid attack on girls in a school there.
    As for the Israel-Hamas conflict, war never solves anything specially when the victims are innocent people civilians including children. This is massacre on the part of israel and heartless cowardice on the part of Hamas. They engage in condescending rhetoric on television and then send pathetic, home-made rockets to the same places in Israel. When it comes to facing the israelis, they back away behind innocent people. YES they do need to be dismanteled because they are a threat to intellectual development and a permenant hurdle in the way to peace. Sending rockets to Israel just because you think it should not exist is seriously WRONG. As for Israel, they are just killing people right and left. It is really sad and yet another hate-filled war at the heart of which, yet AGAIN, is religion.
    Your friendly neighborhood atheist

  2. Thank you for the nicely articulated comment. It's nice to see there are some thinkers in The Dhab.

  3. "why don't we hear about this [afghanistan]???"

    Because news about Israel and Gaza sells more newspapers and thus makes more money for the news company.

    It's all business.