Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I apologize for not being a good little blogger lately. In addition to not really doing much of anything worth blogging about, I’ve been pretty busy with homework. Week one, no sweat, week two, holy crap! Just yesterday I was busy studying/doing homework for over 7 hours… what the crap? So, it sounds like there is going to be a lot of stuff to do.

In other news, my Wii Fit finally arrived! It is a lot of fun and way more fun to do than boring old “exercise”. They are all game-like and fun. And the yoga is relaxing and calming. Fun stuff. And after three days, I woke up this morning actually a little sore in my abs and calves. Huh. Cool! Kaden likes the Wii Fit too, but only because it came with a box and he had a heyday! He built a fort and has been playing with the box for two days now.

So in other news, yesterday the guys finally came to replace the closet/armoire thing in Kaden’s room. We had been complaining because it started to grow mold a few months ago and it didn’t matter how often we cleaned it (with bleach!), it always came back with a vengeance. I began to worry when I read articles about the effects of mold on little lungs. The HR guy at Stu’s work? (Quote:) “It’s only mold.” No. It was not ‘only mold’. They dismantled that thing and the ‘just mold’ was so bad that it had grown THROUGH the closet wall from the back. Yeah. Through it. Imagine what that vile stuff was doing to my kid’s lungs! So they took it all out, cleaned the wall behind it, mopped my floor (these were three little Indian guys who were AWESOME, not the typical Egyptian fat bastard “technician” and Sri Lankan “engineer” who usually blow me off... I'm just a woman afterall) and replaced it with a new closet. This one wasn’t made to go there, so there is a gap on the side and one of the doors has a huge gap where Kaden can open it (which he LOVES!), but at least it isn’t rotting! So I am much happier about this now and when I went to get Kaden up this morning his room didn’t reek of mold!

That’s basically all the lack of news I have today. The other pics are of Kaden GOBBLING up his dinner last night. I made Baked Potato Soup and we all loved it. Check my Food Blog for the recipe.

Giving Daddy kisses with his gross face! :)

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