Thursday, January 1, 2009

Arabic Oil... Coffee.

We took Mimi and Papa to the Flower one last time since they became so accustomed to fabulous Lebanese food. Mimi actually bought a bag of Arabic bread to take back to Arizona with her on the plane! :)

Our waiter there just loves Kaden and at the end of the night let us know that he would like us to have complimentary tea and coffee before we left. Papa, Stu and I chose the coffee while Mimi selected the Mint Tea. Mimi loved her choice and Papa and Stu and I grew to at least be able to swallow our concoction with oil resting firmly in the bottom... some sort of sludge that wouldn't move. :) It really was good once you got over the initial shock of its potency, and we all had such a great time there (as always). Here are some pics!

Here are the Shwarma guys... M&P had their first shwarmas and like their granddaughter were quick fans of the yumminess!


  1. the black sludge is the coffee grains and you're suppose to let them sink to the bottom and not drink (yuck) but once you get use to the strong arabic coffee it's hard to be satisfied with the regular stuff

  2. Thats turkish coffee!! Yummmm..