Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heritage Village and our First Anniversary.

This blog will catch us all up with the fun we had with Mimi and Papa while they were here. We went down to Heritage Village which is located on the same little strip of land as the Marina Mall. It was pretty cool. It is set up like an old Bedouin village and even has a little “Old Market” souk where you can get stuff from the shopkeepers. Papa got his very own head scarf, crocheted white cap thingy and double zero black head thing. They got us a magnet while we were there and then Mimi wrote on the back of it and it almost made me cry!

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Today is our anniversary! Stu got up with Kaden this morning and made me breakfast and then filled the bathtub for me and while I finished my book (very good, very sad!) he vacuumed the living room, cleaned off the table and the desk, and did the dishes! As a gift he got me a pair of salt and pepper shakers I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks that we discovered in one of the little souks here in town and also the monkeys that “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” that I’ve wanted. So thoughtful. I got him (lamely… I am so NOT a good gift-giver) a really cool switchblade knife that looks like a gun, a mushy love poem thingy, two little camels that are kissing (I just couldn’t resist!) and a book of unusual things (for the man who is always searching out the latest useless fact!). We are on our way to dinner now at the Korean Restaurant down the street to sit on the floor and enjoy the rest of our day together. (A Sheikh died so Stu got the day off at the last minute!... Poor Sheikh though.)

I love this one because of the "Old world, new world" connotations.

Kaden LOVED the ducks and wouldn't stop chasing them around!


  1. Wow, your photos actually make the Heritage Village look okay. Maybe I will go and check it out one of these days after all.

    There's a Korean Restaurant? Really? Please tell me where! We have been missing our Korean food!