Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaug. Blog

Well, it happened to the best of us last night… there was just no getting away from the excitement of watching history being created. I too felt a feeling of elation when the camera spanned the 2 miles to the Washington Monument from the White House… completely packed with bodies.

We let Kaden stay up past his bed time to watch the Inauguration, and told him to remember it so that when his grandkids asked about it, he could tell them about the day the first black president was sworn in. Pretty cool. Since he won’t remember, I decided to take some pictures of him with President Obama.

The mass of bodies on the Mall.

Kaden and President Obama.

"Kaden, where is Obama?" (There he is!)

Since we can’t take anything in life COMPLETELY seriously, Stu and I had our share of jokes and fun while waiting for the actual swearing in and the speech. Stu thought it would be cool if each president got their own Mascot… I asked what Obama’s would be… “A Rottweiler?” He says, “Ohh! A Zebra! Perfect!” (Stu is always pointing out that Obama is actually biracial, not just “black”, so what a way to represent that!) He also pointed out that clearly Bush’s would have been a monkey. Poor man.

Kaden’s favorite part was the ensemble performance that included Yo-yo Mah. He danced his little heart out.

I loved how real his nervousness was when trying to repeat his oath. You could feel the excitement and weight of what he is taking on his shoulders and I feel especially proud to be an American today. I know I join the rest of America in being hopeful about this Presidency for not only our own country, but for the world. These are tough times we are living in, and it would be so nice to watch it look up. (We’re rooting for you Obama!)

I was left wondering about a few things though after watching… first of all, where DID Aretha Franklin get her hat? Because wow.

When are the pictures that Malia took of her Dad going to hit MySpace? I’ll be looking for them!
Was Michelle Obama not gorgeous in her gown at the balls or what??? For those who don’t know, she is a big fan of young designers and was wearing 26-year-old designer Jason Wu’s creation that was made especially for her. Very cool. You know that he is having the day of his life today! (Jill Biden also looked stunning in a red strapless number.)

We had to go to bed pretty much right after we watched the speeches, but I’m glad we decided to watch them. A few more pics:

While Mommy was listening to speeches, Daddy and Kaden found fun things to do.
Mad that we're doing something so boring. Lol
On another note, the American Embassy in Dubai is having an unannounced closure today for security reasons after receiving information from Dubai authorities. No idea what that is about, but it’s always slightly uncomfortable when emergency closures like that happen “for security reasons”.

Kaden learning from Daddy where we leave our shoes when we take them off! :)


  1. We also enjoyed today's events of the Obama's. Thought his speech was very good, and his wife was beautiful in her ball gown! Gosh, it was so pretty! I scrolled through your pictures and one did not come through on my system...was that intentional or is/was it a blooper?? There is a blank space after the picture where Stu and Kaden are standing on their heads....we hate to miss any of him, you know that!! ahha Love you...talk to you later! Mimi and Papa

  2. Haha I love the zebra idea!! That's hilarious.