Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I slept so fitfully last night. I just couldn't get settled down. Because..... Stu and I decided we are going to ROME!!! Yeah, in like two months. We've been told by so many people to make sure we travel while we are here because it is such an opportunity. BUT, we have put it off since we are crazy penny-pinchers and have thus far been trying to stay focused on our money goal. The deal is, we have to be here for longer than we'd like, our economy is too bad to go home to anyway, so we might as well have a good time while we are here.

Now, let me say, I've thought about where I would travel in Europe if given the chance, since I was like 12. And I really have always wanted to see the things that Rome has to offer. How many people can say they've seen the Coliseum, the Pantheon, VATICAN CITY! Which brings me to my next more-than-excited-excitement: Like any good Catholic, I'm going to get to go to the Vatican! Kinda like our own pilgrimage! (Not quite the Hajj for Muslims, but at least half as important to Catholics, right?)

So to make this even MORE exciting, I've just finished learning even more about this stuff from my Art History class. Exactly how the Pantheon was built, the method of painting (fresco) Michelangelo used to paint the ceiling and altar of the Sistine Chapel. I truly could not be more excited. (And I intend to make Stu read these chapters before we go there so he can get excited with me!)

So... have you been to Rome? Always wanted to go? What should we see while we are there? We are going to go for seven days, so we'd like to get in as much sight-seeing (and Italian food!!!) as we can. Please send us your thoughts if you have them!


  1. Well, your Mimi and Papa have been there! I'm sure they wil give you a wealth of info.

    Also, where can I look for a job in the UAE?? I have the same goals as you two do, and can't do it here in this Bush-era economy.

    Any resources?

  2. omgsh! that's fantastic! you'll have a fab time

  3. That is great :)it would be a splendid vaccation

  4. Be ready to stand in awe at the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. And the Coliseum it is amazing an adventure,I have been there many time's , make time to go through the catacome's, unreal what they had to do to practice their religion. What better place to get real Itailian food than Italy?
    The place is wonderful and you will have a great time. Take ton's of picture's , so many people never get the chance to go and now you do! Rent a car and go see the country side, you won't regret it, or take the bus? There are lot's of tour's.
    Spring in Italy how romantic...
    Love Mom and Dad.

  5. Trevor LOVED Rome. In either Rome or Italy, they have a Trevie Fountain! HA! I will see where you should go...yay!


  6. I agree with T.Fox about the Sistine Chapel, but I thought St. Peter's was the most fantastic place I had ever seen. Papa was mesmerized by the Coliseum and stood for about an hour just staring down into the inside of it! Everything in Rome is amazing...just remember to look at's all so OLD! The Trevie Fountain is in Rome, a walkable distance from St. Peter's Square. You could spend your whole time there just making St. Peter's your starting point and walking in any direction to see most of the sights. The Spanish Stairs is another great sight but only if they have the urns planted. Without the flowers, etc., they are just what they are...stairs!! There are lovely restaurants at every turn. Try to resist the American food joints...only eat Italian!! Try the Italian'll never taste the likes of it again. We took the tour of the catacombs, too, but I can't stand certain odors (as you may know..haha) so I left and went back to the fresh air. But it was an amazing sight as well. You have to have a tour guide there as you can get lost very quickly as they circle around and there are turns at every stop. We most always used the local buses, but we took a train trip to Florence and a very nice bus trip to Assisi. Both the train and bus were air conditioned, clean and the train served boxed lunches which were very good. If you have time, take one of the tours and enjoy the sights instead of having to drive. Taking a driving tour of your own is great, but it's really much nicer if you have more time for a country-side drive. There's just too much to see right in Rome, etc., so plan to take another trip there to have your country-side tour! And watch out for baby snatchers!!! Just kidding...he's so cute that the Italians will love him. You think the locals in Abu Dhabi love him...wait until you go to Italy!! He will be like a star...Anyway, Papa and I are really excited that you are going to get to do some traveling. Make traveling your priority while you are there! After Rome, take on Greece. The Prolsdorfers had a great cruise that started in Rome and ended up back there after visiting Greece, Turkey and Egypt. Let us know more of what you are planning. We're so excited for you to do'll love it, we know! Bye for now..and lots of love..Mimi and Papa

  7. Isn't it the Parthenon? If I went to Rome, I would just eat and eat! The food is the main reason I want to go. Even though the book is not the best, read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and focus on the "eat" part - it's all about how she ate her way through Rome (including specific places to get the best pizza, pasta and gelato!)

  8. The Parthenon is in Greece and was a temple of the Greek goddess Athena. The Partheon is in Rome and is still a functioning Catholic Church with Mass on Saturday and Sunday. I was confused at first too when I started learning about it in this Art class I am taking.

  9. Wow that is great that you get to do this!! Have fun and take LOTS and lots of pictures for those of us who only get to dream about it from here! :-) When are you planning to go?

  10. Sounds like a great trip. I'm glad that you are going to be able to do some traveling while you are there. When are you going?